A little about me

and why I love real estate

Annie Bumstead is a zealous Real Estate Agent who shares an incredible passion for serving the community. Based in Edgewater, Florida, she resides on a 5-acre farm with her treasured family and beloved animals. Annie is an alumna of New Smyrna Beach High School and acquired her expertise in Real Estate from the Climber School of Real Estate in Orlando, Florida. Growing up in New Smyrna, she highly appreciates the beauty and culture of the city and aspires to play an integral role in building a prosperous community for the generations of today & tomorrow. Annie admires the notion of furtherance in education and strives to leverage her expertise and knowledge to serve the community in extraordinary ways. Annie Bumstead presently serves Local Living Realty Group as a Real Estate Agent and is also a proud owner of two successful salons in New Smyrna Beach. She relishes building strong relationships with her clients and aims to use her local area knowledge to help others make the best realty decisions. Annie’s love for Volusia County and real estate inspires her to serve the community with utmost devotion and integrity. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help the clients find the perfect solutions to their realty concerns. Annie Bumstead is a family girl who finds the simple things in life the most rewarding. She cherishes spending time with her husband and three children on her farm that is home to three dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens. As a mother, Annie aims to set a strong example for her children and help them learn the value of hard work, devotion, honesty, and integrity. In addition to this, horses and dogs are her true passion, and she loves experiencing her children connect with farm animals and explore the marvels of nature. Annie’s daughter is a fervent equestrian rider while both of her boys enjoy boxing, skateboarding, and fishing.